A 12-day Brainstorming Meeting For The Development Of Additional Lessons For Radio And Television Learn-at-home Programme In Fct


a.         To review what was done in the last lessons development exercise:  Type of Lessons developed, style of presentations made of the developed Lessons, what worked well, what did not work well, why certain things did not work well and the Way forward.
b.         To develop additional lessons, make presentation and edit the lessons for excellent airing on Radio and Television for FCT Basic Education pupils and students in order to enhance their learning opportunities.
2.         Justification for the Learn-at-Home Programme in the FCT:
a.         The Learn-at-Home Programme like in other states, will serve as a platform for complementary learning to the existing physical classroom system of learning to bridge the existing gaps in our Academic system due to the incidence of COVID-19 pandemic. Thus  due to inadequate classroom facilities, highly populated schools might have to operate 2-shifts system; and
b.         The platform when properly created, will serve as a motivation for out-of-school children/dropouts to return to the school system, thereby reducing out-of-school population and increasing access to Basic Education in the long run.
3.            Modalities for effective and efficient implementation of the Programme in the FCT:
a.         FCT UBEB will ensure that teachers, who will be selected from key core subject areas, are supported to develop enough lessons to be spread across the scheme work in each of the selected subjects. Thus individuals(children, youths and  adults) who want to learn any of such subjects through the program , can do so at the comfort of their homes;
b.         Besides, the use of Radio and Television to air the program, other social Media platforms such as U-tube and Goggle Play Store will be utilized to create more opportunities for learning.
c.          In the future, interactive platform will also be added to enhance the quality of the program;
4.         Effective monitoring and Evaluation Mechanism will also be put in place to ensure progressive improvement of the program (a Quarterly survey on effectiveness of the program will be carried out in Urban, Sub-Urban and rural communities of the FCT). This can be achieved through administration of questionnaires and complemented by interactive sessions on Television and Radio station in due course.
5.         Sustainability:
a.         The platform if successfully launched will be sustained by soliciting for approval from the UBE Commission to include funding of the Learn-at-Home programme in UBE Quarterly Action plan as well as effectively utilizing the funding provision made for e-learning in the UBE Quarterly Action plan. Provision will also be made for funding this programme in the Board’s subsequent annual statutory budget.
b.         Support can also be solicited from Corporate Organizations, International Development Partners, Philanthropists, etc.